2021 Calendar Printable - The Start Of Futura Studio Design

So, I started my own shop. If you're not interested in the entire story behind it, this sentence is probably enough and you can just follow the link above that says shop. But if you really want to know how Futura Studio Design came to live, stay with me. 

The entire idea of starting a small business actually started almost ten years ago, when I was really into crafting and sold some of my crocheted work on Etsy. After making some sales, school and life got in the way and I stopped running the store. Looking back it makes me smile to know, that even back then, I pursued my passion while sharing it with others. 

Now, you may have asked yourself: How did you decide to start another shop on Etsy after closing the first one? To be honest, I have been creating my entire life and always kept on thinking about selling it at some point. What kept me from doing it was my perfectionism that told me I was not good enough yet. In retrospect, it was exactly the wrong approach, because if you're always waiting for the perfect timing, bluntly said: It will never arrive. 

Therefore I made the decision to give the whole Etsy thing another chance and start creating what I want to create. The first official product I decided to design was a 2021 calendar printable. For that, I combined some of my existing artwork and some completely new ones. Starting in December, I gave myself one month to complete this calendar and see what I can do in such a small period of time. It took me a lot of hours to research, plan, illustrate, and design the finished product, but it was so worth it. While listening to my favorite playlists (Lofi, K-Pop, Coffeehouse) it was so much fun to look at the individual elements and create your very own calendar. 

2021 Calendar Printable
The calendar is very minimalist in black and white but contains a lot of details, self-made illustrations, and thoughts that I would like to share with you. Inspired by my Bullet Journal, every month has its own theme. The format is designed for A4 and is therefore perfect for printing. You can also decide for yourself whether to use the calendar digitally or analog. I personally recommend printing it on thicker paper and punching a hole at the top with a stapler so that you can hang it up normally. More info about this can be found in the PDF you receive after purchasing on my Etsy shop.

for that little piece of joy in your day

The name of my shop FuturaStudioDesign was actually a random idea that came to my mind one night. It is inspired by Futura, a really modern font that is used for various typography designs. Because of my passion for design, typography, and art, it just felt like the perfect fit.

☾ digital art prints 

☀︎ planners 

✏︎ unique designs 

The shop only has a few things at the moment, but I am planning on creating more products related to design, planning, and art in the future. So if you have any requests, wishes or ideas for the shop, please let me know in the comments below or via Instagram.

That brings me to the last point, Instagram. I decided to create a separate account for FuturaStudioDesign to update you with everything related to the store. Check it out here.



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  1. Wow das ist wirklich wunderschön geworden! So liebevoll gestaltet :) Werde ich mir auf jeden Fall mal näher ansehen!
    Liebste Grüße


    1. Das freut mich so sehr zu hören. Lass mich auf jeden Fall wissen, falls du ihn dir holst ;)


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